The Jam 05/01/2001
Is it hot in here? Not just a pretty face, plays bass too ;) Paul blows off some steam Paul gaan jou wurg! Andre O, guitar man
Huyser paints... The end product Piss up a rope! [insert your smart ass comment here]

Pictures by Philip Crouse, Cell: 083 233 3339

  Oppikoppi 2000
Too much light? B9 in action man-alleen more lights would someone please pass the tissues

Pictures by Toast Coetzer

  Houtstok 2000
Andre O Paul wears something nice  

Pictures by Rupert van Zyl

  Oppikoppi inFESTation 07/08/1999
A VERY sad pic from the oppikoppi site

Paul Riekert and Anton L'Amour,
Pictures by Christo Coetzee

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