I have uploaded Skerwe to the Videos section. It's a really great vid, so check it out. Also the new album Galbraak wil be out soon. There will be live gigs in Stellenbosch and Observatory on the 24th and 25th of October respectively.


I have started re-encoding the videos. Where possible I have used audio from the CD, so they sound really good. I have not done much to the video itsself other than cropping it up niceley and applying some basic filtering. So the raw home made look of the early videos will be maintained :)


battery9.co.za had its face lift in March. The New Heroes Mixes can be found in the sounds section. Enjoy!


battery9.co.za will soon be receiving a face lift. Along with the face lift the other important change is that Screaming Machine has now become an archive site. battery9.co.za will only contain current and relevant information. Thus when the change is complete there will be two sites: battery9.co.za and Screaming Machine.

Paul is also keen to take a more hands on approach to the website, which will allow me to focus on Screaming machine. I have also also moved hosts which will allow for more space. I hope to get all the New Heroes remixes up soon.

I have removed gigs and things, as they never got any attention anyway. Straks has been added to the discography.


Archived news can be found here.