02/10/1997 - 07/04/1998

The Playhouse gig was amazing! The moshpit was devestating. I had scratch marks for about a week and my hip was stuffed for three days. I got there early and met Paul we had a chat, he seems quite willing to send me some stuff for the page. NEW: I've cleaned up the general background structure of my page, made new dirs and cleaned up the table in the Discography. I also added a new java applet, it's pretty cool. I'll be updating in a couple of days so check back soon.

Great News! Battery 9 are doing a gig in Cape Town on Friday 27 March at The Playhouse in Wesley Street. Tickets are can be bought at the club from 28 Feb (Price is rumoured to be about R20). Updates: A Gris review in the Articles section. New Links have been added. There is now a direct link to Oneworld (A South African Online CD Store) in the Discography to purchase the Battery 9 albums at very resonable rates. NEW: I've created some new artwork, some of them make realy nice wallpaper (800x600, 16 bit) have a look in the Artwork section. Enjoy!

Two new Articles from De Kat in Afrikaans. New startup sound. Tadaa.

In case you were wondering The Official Page has moved to fridge.co.za/b9/. They have made some small updates, which i have added to my page (naturally), find them under images in the Band Info section. I'm back at tech and i'm a bit busy (3rd year is a lot of work). Updates may become slightly sporadic, but won't be neglected.

CRAP: My downloads in the MP3 Info section are stuffed, i don't quite have the time to get around to fixing it, but i will soon. You should be able to find al the software by following the links provided. The link for the Gris Downloads is in the Links section. NEW: I've typed up the Top Fory October '97 interview with Paul Riekert, find it in the Articles section. The Images are coming soon (hopefully).

Great news, I GOT EMAIL FROM PAUL RIEKERT!. He realy likes my page and hopefully we can work together to make this page even better. Changes: New wallpaper (You like?), the band images are in the Band Info section and other graphics etc. are now in the Artwork section along with my creations. I also added the preliminary Band Info.

New look for a new year, what do you think? New Articles, thanks to Speedbitch, check out her unofficial Battery 9 Page. The links section has been added and i revamped the mp3 section to fall into sync with the page motiv. Band Info is still not finished (Sorry).

The geocities mirror is up, the graphics and html files are there but the .mp3s and other files are still here. I'm on holiday from the 24th Dec so i'll only check my mail and have updates sometime end Jan '98.

New updates: Artwork for the 3 albums in the Discography, with some of my own variations in the Artwork section. The sound clips have been downmixed to make downloading easier.

Gris was released on 31 September 1997, it was on the shelves of Top CD, Waterfront, by 1 October. Musica haven't even heared of it (typical). So far I have more or less completed the Discography. Sound clips are available in MP3 format and i have typed up the lyrics for Strop and Gris. I would like Paul Riekert to check them. If anyone has direct contact with him please let me know. I am trying to get hold of a scanner so i can get some more album art online.