07/04/1998 - 27/05/1998

PLEASE NOTE: In the next week or two Quantum are planning to move their webserver around, this means that my page may be down from time to time. I now have my own server, you can find it at battery9.ml.org. This is a test server but i'm going to keep it up as long as possible (the odd reboot may still occur). If you have a link to my page keep it pointing to the current location at Quantum, i will notify you if i'm going to move it to battery9.ml.org. Thanks!

Surprize! I've encoded clips for the whole Protskrog album find it in the Discography section. The other albums will follow. For those of you who may have noticed that my guestbook button was leaning to the left, i finally got it fixed. It was a real pain.

Paul is busy mixing the new album, it should be ready by Sep/Oct. I'll keep you posted on it's progress. I also have a little surprise on the way. This is not related to Battery 9 but do yourself a favour and go and see the Jim Rose Circus at the Baxter. I went on Friday and it was realy cool.

Finally !!! Ten new images in the Band section. The Images from articles have been added to the article itself as well. I have trimmed off my old news you can find it at the bottom of current news.

30/04/98 Six new Articles, with two new images that i have also added in the Band Info section.

One new Article from Mail & Guardian. I'll have new pics by next week sometime so check back soon.

Bad News: The photos my friend had taken at the Playhouse gig did not come out (i'm sorely pissed, but hey thats life). Two new Articles from Die Burger.

The page has now been enhanced with the Battery 9 Gris Font, get it! (just extract it to your windows\fonts dir). I need some feedback on how it looks, if the H3 sections look to big i'll drop everything to standard size.