09/06/1998 - 26/08/1998

OOPS: The new song is actually called Bloureier. This has now been fixed.

NEWS: The new Battery 9 album will be called Wrok and should be available by early October. The english translation for the afrikaans songs is in its final stages, be patient.

NEW: A new song called "Ryer", performed live at the recent Oppikoppi show can be found for downloading in the Misc. section. Thanks to Luke for the recording and encoding (i just downmixed it to make the download smaller).

NOTE: Seems some people have been having problems with links and downloads on my page. At the moment i can not check for down links every single day.

NEW: I've joined the South African Music Webring.

NEWS: The Battery 9, Wonderboom and Boo! gig at Riverclub feedback; Battery 9 played last (which is the position reserved for the best). Paul took to the stage in black cycling shorts, a thin top and a blazing silver ball box (hahaha - check the photos). Kicking off with I'm Home i found the mosh pit to be very tame, but we soon sorted that out. Throughout the rest of their playing time there was pushing, pulling and the odd scream. Four new songs (which will appear on the new album due for Sept/Oct '98) blended in nicely with old favs. The only downer of the evening were the bouncers who decided to "relieve" people deemed too violent (or whatever) from the mosh pit. Otherwise Battery 9 were as mind blowing as ever!

NEW: A five new Images from the Riverclub gig, as well as one from Die Burger. They can be found in the Band Info section. Thanks to At and Michelle for the photos and Sous for letting me use his scanner. The index page has been cleaned up again, old news can be found at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Sorry to anyone who went to Computicket to get a ticket, i was confused myself (that was a bit blind).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!!!! To celebrate Pauls 30th Birthday I created a little something for him (I got this idea from the Seems Like Salvation page). UUh.. this piece of source is a bit dicey please so bear with me if Paul moves around.

Well it's been a hectic two weeks for me, i'm still trying to find my feet now that i'm back at tech. New stuff is pretty slow for now, i've updated the Links section. NOTE: Battery 9, Wonderboom and Boo! are playing at the River Club on Thursday 30 July, Tickets R25 from Computicket. See you in the mosh pit!

The HTML version of the Gris lyrics is done and i've updated the Links section. SORRY the mirror site battery9.ml.org is DOWN for now, i'm not sure when i will have it up again.

The Official Lyrics are here, they have been run by Paul and he has approved them. The text versions are finished, but i'm still busy with the HTML version for Gris. The Sound Clips for Gris are also done. Everything can be found in the Discography section. Today is the last day of work for a while, but i'll still be updating when i get new stuff.

NEW: The soundclips for Strop are now available in the Discography section. I'm having problem with my PC so the updates i still have to make are being delayed. I will hopefully have it sorted out by Monday.

Two new images in the Band Info section. A big thanks to Sous for the useage of his scanner.

NEW: Artwork from the Gris interactive track.

NEW: I've created some new wallpaper (800x600 realy cool), find it under Artwork. I now have the Gris password patch for download in the Misc. section. One new Article. I have quite a few things still to update, but i've been realy busy. I will hopefully have everything up by Friday. The intended move is still pending, i have made arrangements so things should go smoothly when we move.