01/09/1998 - 10/12/1998

NEWS: Very Sad news! Battery 9 will NOT be playing at The Playhouse on Fri & Sat. Paul has run into problems with Tic Tic Bang (or rather Tic Tic Pffft). The Awakening will still be playing Fri & Sat, cover charge should be R10 - R15. This news is official, i got the info from Paul and the organizers.

NEWS: Battery 9 are doing a gig with The Awakening on the 11th and 12th of December at The Playhouse in Wesley Street, Gardens. Both sides of the club will be open, this includes the pool tables. The cost is still being decided. Tickets will be sold at the door. Both bands will play both nights. There will also be band merchandise available for purchase.

NEWS: Sheese it has almost been a month since my last update, but i have had good reason. I finished my 3rd year at Cape Tech, took a weeks rest and now i'm back at work full time. Wrok is now on the shelves. If you haven't got a copy yet buy it it realy kicks bottom! You can order the new album as well as the other albums and t-shirts from Dave at R70-R75 each, t-shirt R60 (ex postage). I have bought from him, he is reliable and has many other stuff to order as well. The "Paranoia" video appeared on live@five on Friday. Paul and the band are doing a lot of interviews and promotion work for the new album. There is also some sort of major top secret rock event happening in Cape Town soon, Battery 9 will be playing. I will let you know when i have more.

NEW: If you are sceptical about the new album check out the soundclips in the Discograpy Section. The album artwork didn't scan properly i'll put up a better version tomorrow. Lyrics are still in the pipeline. This site will undergo some changes in the future as my shedule sorts its self out. I'm realy trying to get videos up but it's a battle. Anyone who has footage of any sort please let me know. I need to find a VIVO encoder, any help?

NEWS: The Purple Turtle gig on Friday was tight and fast. Paul seems to like his new ballbox outfit and had the women cheering when the t-shirt came off. The sound was good and the new songs rip. "Reier" (seems Paul has dropped "Blou Reier", we'll see when the new album arrives) and "Go Away" are two of may new favs. The mosh pit was very dissapointing, there must have been about six of us moshing. Most people seemd content to just stand around and observe from the shadows.

I have nothing to say about the Cape Summer Rock Festival, because i wasn't there, any feedback would be welcome.

The shelf release date for "Wrok" seems to be around the 20th of October. I'm not sure in which CD stores it will appear. But Top CD at the V&A Waterfront have always stocked the Battery 9 CDs. Musica stores to a lesser extent.

"Kiss The Machine (Auto Erotic Mix)" appears on the new Euphoria - Industrial/EBM compilation CD along with some other realy good tracks by (amoung others) Brimigham 6, Cubanate, :wumpscut:, Die Krupps, Die Form and Malaise. This is a realy cool CD, you can find it at most decent CD stores.

BTW: If you did phone the number for TicketWeb and it was wrong, it was the number that appeared on the flyer. The correct number is 0860 400500.

HELP: I'm still looking for the "Geraas" footage.

NEW: A small update of the Links section.

HELP: Battery 9 appeared on "Geraas" on Tuesday the 29th of September, i missed this (how i do not know). If someone has taped this or knows anything about it please mail me.

NEWS: The Cape Summer Rock Festival will be held at the Gardens Cape Tech Rugby Grounds, Top of Upper Orange Street, Cape Town. Tickets are R45 and can only be purchased through TicketWeb or call 0860 008932. There are certain Musica stores that have online PCs so you can purchase your tickets there as well. Five other bands will join Battery 9 these are: The LED, Blunt, SNG, Colourfields and BOO!

NEWS: The Venues for the gigs are: Friday the 9th of October at The Purple Turtle and Saturday the 10th at The Cape Summer Rock Festival (i'm not sure where this is going to be held, any info is welcome).

NEWS: The release date for the new album "Wrok" has been set for 17 October. Paul is hard at work on the promotion side of things for the new album. Battery 9 will be in Cape Town on the 9 & 10 of October. I still don't have the time and venues but i will keep you posted.

NEW: The English translations for the Afrikaans songs have been added to the lyrics for the various albums. You can find them in the Dicography section. Thanks to Paul for taking the time to type them up.

NEWS: Over the next 2 months i will be finishing my final year at Cape Tech so updates may become a bit thin. I need to spend some time behind the books.

NEW: Four new articles.