21/12/1998 - 21/05/1999

NEWS: Almost 3 Months since my last update, shocking. Well i've been busy and there has not been much happening on the Battery 9 scene. True to his word Paul has taken a break from touring, for how long i'm not sure. The Battery 9 video collection is in its final stages, but is stuck in some red tape hopefully it will see the light by July/August.

Battery 9 won the SA Music award for the Best Rock Album: Wrok. Leaving others like SNG, Just Ginger and BOO! with sour milk to boil. Paul is working on a new side project called General Dealer. It's a lot more laid back so it may not appeal to all. One track has already been licensed to Sony for a Black Fly's compilation entitled, "Eat this Vol 1".

NEWS: Battery 9 will be supporting the Prodigy/Faithless Tour at Durban (20 March) and Johannesburg (24 March). Cape Town has drawn the short straw (why doesn't that surprize me). There is a toss up between Fetisch and Springbok Nude Girls (hooray....)

My site was Featured on Geraas on Tuesday, i'm really chuffed. Look out for a Battery 9 interview in the next edition of The Darklands Fanzine (no. 3). I'm still making arrangements to get the interview in electronic format, but it will only be after the release. I'm not sure when that will be, 1-2 months maybe. The Fanzine has many interesting articles on Gothic (and soon Industrial) Bands as well as a CD order catalogue containing some very hard to find Albums (second hand and new).

NEWS: No updates for so long. There hasn't been much to say anyway. I've been working really hard, this new year has kept me on my toes.

Official news: Battery 9 will not be gigging for at least 5 months. Paul and the guys have decided to take a break. They will still be doing one (maybe two, three) major gigs, but nothing more. Paul is working on putting together a Battery 9 video collection. Hopefully we will see it later in the year.

If anyone knows a Coetzee Coetzee. He has been promising me Battery 9 stuff for my page. I've been mailing him but there is no reply. Please tell him to get hold of me.

NEWS: I'm Year 2000 compliant! Well sorta ;) 1999: Could it be the year of the Battery? We'll have to wait and see. Nothing new to report but i may have some news soon.

NEW: I've added a page 3 to the Images section. Better quality scans for Wrok in the Discography. A realy cool new Battery 9 page has popped up. Check out vetseun.freeservers.com

NEWS: Screaming Machine Turned 1 about 2-3 weeks ago (whohoo!). I'm really surprized how much this site has grown. My counter is nearing the 2000 mark, i'm super impressed. A big thank you to everyone visiting my site. Thanks to all the people who helped, especially to Paul, Dave Sass (gig info etc), Dave Southwood (some exellent photos), Sous & SFW (Scanner usage), Necro (video capturing) and Pierced Spirt (for helpfull critisism and friendship).

NEW: Total redesign of the Navigation bar. Please let me know if you find things that are not working as they should. Feedback on the new design is also very welcome. New full length Videos, new Images from Dave Southwood on page 2. The Discography now includes the exact realese dates and appearances on compilation albums. For Links to my page i now have a new banner, check it out if you like.

I'd like to start up a Battery 9 mailing list. It will be used for update notifications of this page, nation wide gig list (if i can get it organized with Paul) as well as information on general industrial events and music.

I you still have not bought Wrok do so it kicks butt!