09/09/1999 - 17/07/2000

NEWS: Battery 9 will be Playing at Oppikoppi (Joburg Only). Be sure not to miss one of the largest South Africa music events of the year!

UPDATES: New Fan Art and the first Battery 9 WinAMP Skin all submitted by KopRaas.

NEWS: Battery 9 will be doing a gig on Friday 2 June at Boogie nights, 297, Lynnwood-weg, Pretoria. Late notice, but hey it's a gig! I'm not going to make it (seeing as i live in Cape Town). If anyone has some feedback after the gig or takes some pics let me know.

UPDATES: The Wrok Lyrics are now complete with translations. There is a new compilation out called Om Te Breyten. The words have been written by Breyten Breytenbach and performed by various artists. Battery 9 is responsible for two tracks one as Battery 9 and the other as Paul Riekert. You can find a full track listing in the Discography and two short sample tracks in the Sound Clips section.

REQUEST: I'm trying to expand the info on compilation albums, if you have full track listings, cover scans or anything else of interest, drop me a line.

UPDATES: Finally a Band Info section to speak of! Oh yes and some Wrok Lyrics. Paul still owes me some translations but i thought i'd post it so long.

UPDATES: Well yes i'm still alive and the site is still running, Battery 9 as a band is quiet but not Dead. I recieved the first (of hopefully many) fan art for the Artwork section. Thanks to ProtZkroG for the artwork and bugging me to get it online!

NEWS: Paul has been busy with a lot of mixing and stuff, he's busy doing some music for Duty Calls on M-net Opentime (Sundays 6pm). I'll see if i can organise some samples, but it's gets a bit sticky with regards to rights of the final product. I still owe you all some Wrok lyrics. I've done the first part in HTML, but i'm still waiting for the translations from Paul so i can upload the final product (plus i have to scratch through a pile of stiffys to find the disk i saved it on - oh crap). I'm sorry this site is not being updated regularly, but things have been really hectic with work etc (blah blah). If you think you can help out with gathering info, articles, pics, anything interesting or whatever else. Drop me a mail, after all it's the fans that make or break a band ;)

UPDATES: If anyone noticed the mp3 clips were down for a while, i've moved them onto battery9.co.za for now, if i need the space at some point i'll move them back to xoom or something ;)

Paul has sent me the Wrok lyrics, i'll try and have them up by the end of the month.

NEWS: Screaming machine turned 2 somewhere in December. Hip Hip Horay, hopefully there will be many more. Oh yes and happy new year!

NEWS: I've updated the 3 Passes Info, All the time slots have changed slightly, so check it out. Springbok Nude Girls have confirmed and are now also part of the final line up.

NEWS: Press Release details for the 3 Passes Music Festival are online, with a nice map.

NEWS: Battery 9 have confirmed for the Three Passes Fest on the Garnet Hotel Grounds (near Ceres somwhere i'm told) to be held on the 3,4,5 of December. Other bands on the list are: Fetish, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Boo!, Sacraphyx, The Usual, Black Diamond, The Awakening (still to confirm).

Garnet Hotel in Wolseley, is situated on HUGE grounds with loads of camping facilities. The grounds feature a permanent stage, permanent toilet facilities and 4 permanent bars. For the duration of the festival 2 extras bars will be erected ("oh behave!").

Tickets are rumored to be around R120 and are available from Ticketweb and Musica. For more info you can call (023) 231 0240.

Thanks to www.samusic.co.za for some of the info.

NEW: Four new pics from the Oppikoppi '99 gig. You can find them at the bottom of the Images Page 3 section. One new Atricle with pics.

NEWS: The MP3 Clips are back up, please let me know if you have any problems.

If you are looking for Battery 9 or any other Music, go visit www.subterania.co.za. They stock some very rare Industrial and Goth, but also have Alterantive Rock and Metal. I helped with the web design, so check it out.

NEWS: What a great day 9999! Must be a Battery 9 day! Screaming Machine now owns www.battery9.co.za. This has been done with permission from the band. SM is bascially the official page (if you like), but i reserve the right to post a my opinion as a fan.

There have been some changes to the band line up At and Arnaud have left. They have been replaced by Jonathan Neaves (live drummer) and André v Rensburg (Guitar). The new reformed Battery 9 should start playing at some large festivals somtime September/October. There is some new material in the works too.

No more news on the Battery 9 video collection. I'd really like this to see the light.

NOTE: The MP3 sound samples are currently down, due to limited space. I am busy finding a reliable free mirror site.