Added the cover for Essential Indie Vol. 1 to the compilations. It's actually a very good compilation. You can purchase it online at kalahari.net or www.lookandlisten.co.za. Kalahari.net has free delivery till the end of December.

RANT: I went to Canal Walk Shopping Center (Cape Town) to drop off some flyers for the Mr. Barleycorn gig at the Jam on Friday 21st December (where I will be Deejaying). I dropped flyers at quite a few surf shops, clothing shops and Look & Listen. When I got to musica I asked them if I could drop some flyers. I was told due to "management policy" they do not allow flyers in their shop. So I told them it's for a South African band and they should support SA music. "Sorry" was the reply.

So this is musicas' attitude towards the South African music scene as well as any other music events happening in South Africa like raves etc. Why should we support musica when they clearly do not want to support us? Surely it can only count in your favour if people go to events that came to their attention from a flyer in your shop and then come back to buy the CDs?

The only credit I can give musica goes to their Branch in Somerset West. When I came round to them with flyers and posters for the Battery 9 gig at the beginning of the year they were friendly, helpful and eager to get the posters on the walls.

Just my 9 cents

PS. If you are a representative of musica in general or musica Canal Walk, I will be happy to hear your side of the story.


Thanks for all the positive feedback about the site. It makes it all worth while.

Some updates to the compilations in the discography. I've added the track list for Breyten Breytenbach - Mondmusiek. I've added scans for Mondmusiek to the artwork section. I also added the back scan of the first print of Protskrog

For those of you who are interested in purchasing Mondmusiek you can find it online at kalahari.net.


What better way to celebrate Screaming Machines' 4th birthday than with a brand spanking new site! Quite a few updates to be mentioned. A new section called things (of the moment) has been added. If you have interesting (read bizarre) articles or pictures you can submit them and they will be posted there.

Side Projects is still under development. If you have any Joos Tonteldoos info please send it me. I started my links section from scratch so feel free to mail me if you feel left out ;)

It will be worth your while to work through the whole site because a lot of things have been changed or moved.

Breinskade has released its first CD. Copies are very limited, so zoom over to subterania to order your copy. Breinskade as some of you may know is a side project of Paul Riekert which originated around the time Protskrog was in the making. It's obscure, but very entertaining.