Compliments of the season to all. Two new gigs in the gig section.


Quite a few Items of note: The winner of the remix competition has been announced: db poison with their kamakazi mix. Gigs and the things section has been updated.

Battery 9 made a turn in windy Cape Town this weekend past; with Kobus! in support. Watching Kobus! do Honderman live was the funniest thing ever, i really enjoyed it. Battery 9 were in good form as always. The mosh pit was a bit tame (with all the Kobus! fans leering at us from dark corners). We (the vile entity that is the mosh pit) were even given a lecture on the concept of EBM (*ROTFL*). But that is a story entirly on its own ;) (Check out Things)

There were a few eager camera people floating around at The Jam gig. Please don't hesitate to send me your pics!!

Roll On The Floor Laughing (just in case you don't frequent the chat rooms).


Some new images thanks to John Hogkiss. You can find them under images/paul riekert and images/band. The sound samples for Sondebok can now be downloaded. Updates have been made to the gig listing.

Battery 9 would like to thank the organisers at Rafterz in Vanderbijlpark for their excellence. You made them feel like royalty :)


The remix competition hosted by www.transmix.co.za has been extended to 15 August. So get that mix in!!

What do you fans think about Sondebok? Drop us a line in the guestbook.

Oh yes and Happy Birthday Paul!!!


Battery 9 appeared on e-arts last night. Pity the narrator was slightly e-literate. I'm pretty sure it was in English but I couldn't understand a word he was saying. But hey any coverage is better than no coverage at all ;)


There is a New Heroes remix competition hosted by www.transmix.co.za. The basic rundown: Download the samples on transmix, remix it and upload it before 31 July 2002. The winning track will be released on the next Battery 9 CD. The possibility of being on a included on a compiliation album is also being negotiated. Check out transmix for the full details.

There are already 5 remixes available for downloading from transmix. If my web space allows it, i'll try and mirror the remixes, but at the moment things are a bit tight :(

Added a gigs section for the Sondebok Tour. This list will be updated as new venues are confirmed.


First images from the Roxies release party online. Thanks to Nerrisa Korb! You can find them under images/live 3. Two new articles in Afrikaans, thanks to litnet.co.za.

I can honestly say that Sondebok is quickly becoming my favourite Battery 9 album. It was stuck in the CD player for 5 days before my SO (Significant Other) started hinting that she'd heard this before ;) I'll get some sound samples up shortly (for the pessimists), but for all you die hard fans: You will love this album. BUY IT!

I've seen it for sale online at:
www.oneworld.co.za (R 99.99)
www.kalahari.net (R 92.00)
www.lookandlisten.co.za (R 99.99)
www.musica.co.za (R 104.95)
Prices exclude shipping.


Late Notice, but anyway... The release party for Sondebok will be at Roxy Rythm Bar, Main Road, Mellville, Joburg on 4th July (yes tomorrow ;) You can check out the flyer: Front and Back


5FM have been pumping some new Battery 9 tracks from Sondebok. There is a sample of Parasites to be found in the sound section under exclusive tracks (Thanks to Leon for recording it ;). There is also a video of Iets Om Te Blameer to be downloaded (Thanks Leon and Hilton).


Finally some news ;) Battery 9 have signed up with Gallo Records and will be releasing the new album, Sondebok, on the 4th of July 2002! There is also talk of Gallo re-releasing the previous albums, but that's still unsure. In the meantime you can feast your eyes on some possible concepts for the new album. All to be found in the artwork/misc section.

Added some old articles and band images I found on Mail & Guardian.